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sweet tangerine,

By the time the atmosphere of merriment from the festival--not to mention the drink--fades from his mind, Kittos is kneeling in front of the altar, wrists bound behind his back.

His cheeks are burning with rage and shame (which probably just looks like an attractive blush). He should have known the way the townspeople treated him was too good to be true. Of course they chose the useless bard, the orphan no one will miss, as an expendable sacrifice. He shouldn't have expected any better.

(The truth doesn't occur to him: they simply thought he was the most handsome virgin youth available.)

"If you're going to try to kill me," he says to the altar, "get on with it! I'm ready to fight!"

He says this even though he's obviously not ready to fight: on his knees, hands bound, dressed in nothing but breezy pale silks and some jewelry.
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[For a few moments the larger room meant for offerings is silent. The lack of response may give him the impression that there is in fact no goddess, and that years of sacrificing women to a false deity were in vain. After all it has been years since the people of the island had felt threatened enough to appeal to their goddess.

Once, very long ago, a girl had returned to the town trying to tell the people sacrifices weren't necessary, but she was stoned for slighting the goddess by returning. It was only when that woman returned to the temple to face her fate that the townspeople relented.

Before the young man has a chance to rise from his knees the torches that provide dim light to the altar room flicker as a breeze whips around the room. A strange occurance for a space that has no opened windows or immediate exits to the outside. In front of him, and the altar, a large marble statue depicts the goddess with a longsword boasting a thin blade. Again the room goes quiet. Eerie could be used to describe the air, but something about it holds... warmth.

Finally, cutting into the silence, a voice sounds:]
You don't look in any condition to fight.
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[Next the voice will be closer. So close it's almost right in his ear. But that makes sense since this time the goddess manifests a corporeal form, and hovers gracefully behind him. Her breath hits the shell of his ears as her lips curl up in a smile.]

You could try, but do you really think that would be effective?
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[With her so close getting a good look will be difficult, but she pulls away enough so that it's easier for him. Her build is a little on the tall side. Her legs are long, and her figure is soft. He'll find Aphaea bare with her sunkissed skin exposed completely. The marble statue before the young man holds a striking resemblance, but it's nowhere close to capturing her ethereal presence.]

Are you so certain you're to die here today?
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Goodness, and what gave you that idea?

[Aphaea's laughter echoes in the room. They all come here thinking that, and she's not sure who started that rumor.

He won't hear the sound of bare feat padding on the stone floor of the temple as she gets closer. No, she doesn't need to touch the ground to approach him once more. As if inspecting him she twirls a lock of his hair around her finger.]

However... is there a price you would be willing to pay to keep your life?
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Don't be so trite, mortal. When you offer payment to a god or goddess there are more things to barter with than money or status. Things that have no physical form have just as much or even more value as those that do. Ideas, belief, faith, praise, worship, and so much more could be used to bargain with. Do you not know the cards which you hold? You could offer your songs, your service, and so much more.

[Her hand slips forward to cup the column of his neck. It rests delicate underneath her fingertips as she looms over him from behind. Aphaea's dark hair falls forward like a black curtain sheilding them from the light of the torches in the altar room.]
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[It would be so easy to crush his neck like this. His frail windpipe under her hand would crumble easier than a stick of compressed charcoal. Such a simple thing it would be to end his life. However Aphaea is not in the business of killing mortals. No, the whole reason why she stays isolated on this island is because she wants to protect them.

As long as they praise her, of course.

But it's been so long since she has had a companion. Years and years of being stuck in this temple have left her bored and lonely for company — which is why the towns harvest didn't do so well. Her mood has influenced the growth (or lack thereof) of the plants, and this year it wasn't much of a good influence.]

I would not go as far as to say I need you. Wouldn't it be more accurate that you need me?

[Look, she's a goddess. She has an ego that needs to be stroked.]
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Mm, no. I believe you are grossly mistaken. Your life here is forfeit to me. It is mine, and I shall keep it. However, I could be convinced to allow you a life here if you serve me. Your duties won't encompass even the majority of your day, but you cannot leave the temple.

[The warmth and comfort of her closeness no longer embrace him as she allows him to feel what it's like without her to provide it. He becomes exposed yet again to the chill of the air.]