fungusamongus: (017)
Cordyceps ([personal profile] fungusamongus) wrote in [personal profile] punnish 2017-04-01 02:12 am (UTC)

Don't be so trite, mortal. When you offer payment to a god or goddess there are more things to barter with than money or status. Things that have no physical form have just as much or even more value as those that do. Ideas, belief, faith, praise, worship, and so much more could be used to bargain with. Do you not know the cards which you hold? You could offer your songs, your service, and so much more.

[Her hand slips forward to cup the column of his neck. It rests delicate underneath her fingertips as she looms over him from behind. Aphaea's dark hair falls forward like a black curtain sheilding them from the light of the torches in the altar room.]

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