punnish: (walk away joke's on you)
Kavi. ([personal profile] punnish) wrote 2017-04-06 04:37 am (UTC)

[ He hesitates and bites his lip, a single unconscious gesture of uncertainty and vulnerability-- ]

Definitely not! I've never needed anybody but myself.

[ He tries to tell himself that it's true--that he'll get out of this fine on his own power, like he always does, like he's gotten out of every scrape and scrap in the past with his wits and his stubborn charm.

(It occurs to him for a moment, as he kneels there with her hair falling all around him so pleasantly, that he's always gotten out of those situations alone. He pushes that thought away.)

Still, he shifts uneasily in place. ]

...although, I guess this whole experience here is something I can sing about once I've escaped from you. I could--I could talk about how beautiful you were.

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